The Final Blog, July 2023

Casting Contest - Julyr 2023


7/1/20233 min read

Welcome to the June edition of the FINAL BLOG

Congratulations to Rosemary, winner of May's contest, to choose the actor to play Trudi. Meryl Streep received the most votes, and Rosemary was drawn from those voting for Ms. Streep. Ms. Streep now joins Steve Martin and Miles in the cast.

In recognition of Final Notice being adapted into a screenplay, we're running a monthly contest to suggest actors for the various roles. A lucky winner will be drawn each month from the suggested actor who receives the most votes. All you need to do is tell me which actor you think would be best for each month's featured role and you will be entered with a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift voucher.

This month we have the opportunity to interview Vijay Patel, the inventor of the VT2 watch, and choose the actor who will play his role. Without Vijay, we wouldn't have the watch, and without the watch, we wouldn't have the books! Enter below to choose which actor you would like to see play the role of Vijay. Not everyone is familiar with South Asian actors so here are some choices to play Vijay; but hey, we live in a new world so be creative or choose one of these guys. You can copy and paste them into your entry.

Here's my interview with Vijay Patel, the star of Final Notice and Final Act.

(Van) "Vijay! Thanks for joining us today. How's it going?"

(Vijay) "I'm fine. Looking to be reincarnated, though."

(Van) "Hey. You had a good run, and I don't mean your personal best at Boston. Plus, you got to shack up with Jennifer. That must have been pretty hot!"

(Vijay) "It was. Thanks for the opportunity, but did you have to make her so dangerous? I was always on my guard."

(Van) "She was a handful. I see where Karima got her spirit. How's she doing, by the way?"

(Vijay) "She's killing it. So is Jason."

(Van) "You're a pretty multi-faceted guy. Math genius, medical doctor, marathon runner, and a pretty formidable business leader. Which one of those roles are you most proud of?"

(Vijay) "That's a tough question, and I'm guessing that 'all of them isn't the answer you're looking for, so I think I'd say running marathons and a business because I was never formally trained in either. They are also on opposite sides of the spectrum. Running a marathon is about yourself and your discipline. It's almost never about anyone else. Running a business requires discipline, but it's all about listening to others. It's all about other people."

(Van) "Great answer. Tell me, what was it like working with Zoe?" 

(Vijay) "Simply amazing. She's smart, great work ethic, and she listens. She also shares her successes. It's not just about her."

(Van) "I like her, too. In fact, I hope to interview her soon. Invented anything new lately?"

(Vijay) "I know you're pretty familiar with what Alek, our kids, and I did in Final Chance. That was fun to work together as a team. Since then, thanks to you, I haven't accomplished a whole lot."

(Van) "I'm sorry Vijay. It's what writers do. You should take pride in the huge number of compliments you get from reviewers of Final Notice and Final Act. People really admire your ethics and morality. We're running out of time, so to wrap up, is there anything you'd like to add?"

(Vijay) "Yes. My invention brought out the worst in some people, and for that, I apologize. I think there is a lesson to be learned due to those unintended consequences. I truly believe that as AI matures and spreads, the risks must be considered. "

(Van) "Thank you, Vijay, and thanks, everyone, for joining us. Good luck to all of you in June's Casting Couch Contest to find the perfect actor for the role of Vijay!

The rules are simple. The actor should preferably be alive, and their budget demands are of no consequence! Just click on the blue box below. 

The deadline for receipt of your entry is June 30th. Got it? You can always e-mail me at if you have questions. 

Next month we'll have a chance to meet with Jennifer, so if you have any questions for her, let me know in advance.

Until next month, Van